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Patch has now been deployed, please consider restarting your Quest after patch is applied. If you don’t see it, please restart Steam or your Meta Quest headset.

Please keep an eye on our Discord server for timely updates.

🔥Hotfix notes version 0.6.58🔥

  • Removed smoke grenades temporarily due to performance issues (they are being worked on)
  • Attempt to fix the Krtek boss weapon to be the right one
  • Fixed stabbing the sand on island of Tabor resulting in an out of body experience
  • Fixed the double menu
  • Fixed an issue where you could find another player’s backpack and interact with it while it was also on their back
  • Fixed a visual duplication of NRS in the medical crafting machine
  • Fixed an issue with the MP5 where it wasn’t possible to unload a chambered round
  • Fixed an issue with the MP5 where it was possible to shoot with the handle locked
  • Fixed an issue where grabbing bodies with a buddy would stretch your arms
  • Fixed an issue where the selling kiosk would not separate the used NRS from the full NRS
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to grab items inside closed crates
  • Fixed an issue where the skin type on user model would not change according to the selection during character creation
  • Fixed an issue where the menu would not render on top of everything on PCVR
  • Fixed island night difficulty mismatch between the terminal and the loading screen
  • Fixed the inconsistent spacing across the various tabs of the vendors in the market
  • Fixed the inconsistency of the missions text punctuation
  • Fixed some grammatical errors of the missions text
  • Fixed an issue where the ammo crafter screen would not work properly during the tutorial level
  • Fixed the price showing incorrect for container items (Takistan sun seeds, brass jar, …)
  • Fixed an issue where the users were able to take items off kiosk and pile them in the market resulting in low FPS
  • Fixed an issue where if you were holding an ammo box with both hands and letting go of the main hand, your arm would stretch
  • Fixed korunas not updating properly after buying from Marek
  • Fixed an issue where players could hold their weapons post death (during death screen) to prevent others from grabbing it
  • Fixed weapons floating mid air when stacking them in save area
  • Fixed the labs ladder visibility in island of Tabor
  • Fixed drain pipes missing textures in the market
  • Fixed the missing collision with Minty in the market
  • Fixed a visual texture pop up when approaching Marek in the market
  • Fixed the pricing not adjusting when changing quantity in the market
  • Fixed an issue where some items couldn’t be taken out file cabinets and desks
  • Fixed player armor vanishing/falling through the map when killed at a distance
  • Fixed boss gear vanishing
  • Fixed an issue where FPS would drop very low after attaching 2 or more attachments on a custom weapon and rapidly click the purchase button on the most recent attachment in market
  • Fixed the hand pose when grabbing a grip on top of a gun
  • Fixed the cargo house being offset behind the military prison near spawn
  • Fixed an FPS drop when you would drop empty brass jars and ammo magazines on the floor in the market
  • Fixed an NPC in the market that was slightly floating above the ground