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Patch has now been deployed, please consider restarting your Quest after patch is applied.

Please keep an eye on our Discord server for timely updates.


  • Added Matka Miest (new playable map)
  • Added new tutorial
  • Added Taran tactical DLC
  • Added bleeding mechanics
  • Added bandages
  • Added ammo pouch
  • Added the ability to grab guns from players
  • Added Mosin (bolt action)
  • Added M190A3 (bolt action)
  • Added Ronin helmet
  • Added insurance
  • Added weight system
  • Added sounds when opening crates/cabinets
  • Improved UI for various kiosks (Trade room and market)
  • Improved throwing mechanics
  • Improved melee mechanics
  • Updated 57 model


  • Fixed a crash related to backpacks
  • Fixed a crash caused by gunshots on top of HLODs
  • Fixed an issue where some players could not loot the purple keycard room crates
  • Fixed index finger not pointing when interacting with kiosks
  • Fixed the bug that prevented players from scrolling when using the opposite dominant hand
  • Fixed volume slider not affecting guns
  • Fixed weapon concurrency audio issues
  • Fixed fist bump issues where sound would only play for one player
  • Fixed an issue where one player would appear in raid but was not
  • Fixed a caching issue with armor where the user might spawn in raid without their armor
  • Fixed the unrealistic amount of ricochets (reduced the number of ricochet a bullet can do)
  • Fixed reflection capture on PCVR
  • Fixed footsteps position so they can be heard correctly
  • Fixed gunshot sound replication at distance
  • Fixed squad issue where two users would invite each other, one would accept and the other would have a persistent invite stuck.
  • Fixed grenade shrapnel going through walls
  • Fixed hunger/thirst/damage sounds not playing correctly to nearby players
  • Fixed bullets not penetrating the NVGs
  • Fixed magazines loading with the wrong ammo type
  • Tweaked drinking water to make it easier
  • Tweaked directional audio for gunshots
  • Optimized the skeletal mesh
  • Optimized ragdoll performances
  • Optimized loot crates spawn for better performances


Island of Tabor 

  • Relocated the parking lot


  • Fixed AI stuck in the back room near sector 6
  • Optimized the colliders
  • Optimized the culling distances

Safe house

  • Improved the resolution of some signs in bunker
  • Removed the TV

As well as various optimization and minor fixes.

🔥Hotfix notes version🔥

  • Fixed LODs and lightmaps on Missile Silo
  • Fixed Matka Miest not showing up on the kiosk
  • Fixed the Benelli M2 shotgun reloading
  • Fixed crash from bleeding system
  • Fixed crash from weight system
  • Fixed Oculus PC store login being stuck at connecting