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Patch 0.5.6

Patch 0.5.6 is now been deployed, please consider restarting Steam and/or your Quest after patch is applied. Please excuse a larger update than normal, new content required it.

Also remember that servers always have a certain amount of downtime during patching, please keep an eye on our Discord server for timely updates 


  • Added a new UI to the main terminal
  • Added island of Tabor night variant (don’t forget your night vision)
  • Added a new character model for the player (replaced the old one)
  • Added new Fenix models
  • Added names to extraction points (compass)
  • Added new sounds to the guns (Reworked almost all gun audio from scratch. Over 1k gun sound files were replaced with new source material. Most guns have completely unique gunshot (suppressed and unsuppressed), as well as mechanical noises such as pulling the charging handle.)
  • Added a fist bump option, executing a fistbump with a fellow player will send off a friend request
  • Added new audio to raid exfil and player’s death
  • Added SSH-68 helmet
  • Added LBAV armor
  • Reworked armors (armor penetration system has been reworked from scratch to be more accurate and consistent. Armor classes are now divided into six classes (from three). Chest rigs and helmets should be generally more effective.)
  • Added friends limit (100 friends total shared between friends and invites request)
  • Removed the nerd port on the arms **(you can now inject anywhere on forearms)**


  • Fixed survival elements depletion speed being linked to the player’s FPS
  • Fixed night force scope not showing when trying to receive it
  • Fixed MP5 clipping through loot crates
  • Fixed some shelves not saving in the safe house
  • Fixed workbench saving areas not saving
  • Fixed mag palming near a pouch resulting in an invisible magazine
  • Fixed the ammo crafter not building ammo in some conditions
  • Fixed the ability to run sideways and backward when out of stamina (now preventing it)
  • Fixed the ability to run while aiming with the gun sideway (now preventing it)
  • Fixed the name of the bunker resource category (previously called junk)
  • Fixed glass not being breakable
  • Fixed some backpack logics (attempt to fix one of the major crash while in a raid)
  • Fixed the player being able to move and grab things before raid (preventing them from grabbing items they won’t spawn with)
  • Fixed Krtek mask vanishing from saving areas
  • Fixed culling distance on loot crates
  • Fixed texture color in loot crates and backpacks to be grey instead of black to be more visible
  • Fixed MP40 bullet ejection location
  • Fixed can shoot with safety on if you put a new magazine in and charge a bullet in the chamber
  • Fixed grenades and syringe had no collision in the backpack
  • Fixed silencers attached to guns don’t have collision in backpack
  • Fixed Fenix don’t respawn
  • Fixed knives stabbing backpacks
  • Fixed some bugs with the trashcan (it should not eat your loadout if you walk too close to it!)
  • Fixed bolt catch and bolt release inconsistencies
  • Fixed Fenix sometimes laying down pretending to be dead


Island of Tabor 

  • Added grass sound when walking on grass surface
  • Added new trees
  • Added new containers around the map (to be used as cover)
  • Fixed the underground parking spawn taking too long
  • Removed doors **temporarily** on the island


  • minor fixes

Safe house

  • Added ambient audio to the safe house
  • Added storage in armory 1
  • Reworked lighting
  • Fixed some typo on some signs
  • Fixed whiteboard not having collision with the player

As well as various optimization and minor fixes.