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PATCH 0.5.3369.15477 AKA WIPE DAY

Patch 0.5.3369.15477 has now been deployed and progression has been WIPED, please consider restarting Steam and/or your Quest after patch is applied. 

Also remember that servers always have a certain amount of down-time during patching, please keep an eye here in the updates channel for timely updates.


  • Added mag palming
  • Added airdrops to Island of Tabor
  • Added player progression end-raid screen (XP and player leveling system Work in progress)
  • Added distance for kills on end-raid screen
  • Reworked some grips modifier (prevent grabbing items from other players)
  • Reintroduced purple keycards to unlock safe rooms
  • Reintroduced orange keycards and they now unlock special extract point
  • Adjusted NPC’s so they take time to aim before shooting


  • Added the new safe house, replacing the old one
  • Added auto sorting items on walls for your starter items
  • Added back the voice to safe house
  • Added the power room/generator (require gasoline to power up)
  • Added a sink to fill water bottles (require a water filter to use)
  • Added a money vault to see your current money (can take money into raids)
  • Added a button to reset the shooting range
  • Added a recovery system so if you drop something on the floor or place it on a non saving area, it goes to your trade room terminal
  • Added saving the loadout on crashes or force closing the game while inside the safe house
  • Added different lighting levels
  • Optimization pass in the labs

🛠️ FIXES – MAPS 🛠️


  • No major changes

Island of Tabor

  • Fixed a hole in the map near lab
  • Fixed concrete barriers LODs
  • Fixed ability to grab dead bodies inside of Labs
  • Fixed ability to see inside and outside of tents windows
  • Fixed 3 loot boxes that were not accessible/hard to access
  • Improved lightmap resolution in certain areas

Tutorial level

  • Added a button to reset the shooting range
  • Fixed shotgun ammo
  • Fixed ammo crafter
  • Fixed magazine reloader


  • Fixed knives not doing correct damage including insta-kill for head
  • Fixed magazine reloader
  • Fixed various issues with ammo crafter
  • Fixed magazines loading empty into raid
  • Fixed P90 magazines detaching when holstering the gun
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Fixed the height calibration and settings saving
  • Fixed not being able to manually load certain magazines
  • Fixed backpack with items in on conveyor getting destroyed if it contained an ammo box
  • Fixed gear tech backpack spawning magazines
  • Fixed AI not hearing gunshots unless it hits a surface
  • Fixed NVGs all looking the same on Quest 2


  • Added graphics settings for resolution quality (PCVR)
  • Economy overhaul
  • Made menu all uppercase
  • Removed the pump shotgun (Temporary – requires more work)
  • Optimized culling distance
  • Optimized the socials backend
  • Completely new saving systems
  • Remastered Mp5, 1911 and Glock17 models

⚠️ Known issues ⚠️

If you just purchased a DLC and the gear was not provided / you cannot login, please try again. Worst case you might have to go in-game and reset your account through the menu => Profile => Reset account. We deployed a bugfix for this issue in our backend just short of the patch, but it could possibly require a profile reset.