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PATCH 0.4.3198.14463

Patch 0.4.3198.14463 is now being deployed, please consider restarting Steam and/or your Quest after patch is applied. 

Also remember that servers always have a certain amount of down-time during patching, please keep an eye here in the announcement channel for timely updates.


  • OPEN VR UPDATE -> No more needing to select correct OpenXR Runtime, Virtual desktop now works better
  • Index finger curls for all fingers
  • Haptics effects
  • Physical gunstock calibration (can also be used to fix occlusion issues on Quest2, video coming soon to explain)
  • Add tennis ball in safehouse so you can practice throwing
  • Set screen calibration defaults for devices
  • Prevent removing mags from other player’s guns
  • Setup AI footstep and voice occlusion
  • Add option to turn on/off controller motion smoothing
  • Add master volume slider (doesn’t work for footsteps yet)
  • New social system, fixes certain people not being able to use squads/contacts options
  • Turning deadzone settings
  • Make controller motion smoothing optional in settings

🛠️ FIXES 🛠️

  • Fix Drinkable items hand pose/grab position is not correct
  • Fix Run capsule trace before un-crouching and see if you will collide with something before un-crouching (in seated mode)
  • Fix If you put a mag into pouch and take it out really fast it will be invisible for some people
  • Fix Replication issue with hands not doing dynamic poses in raids
  • Fix Losing backpack in raid
  • Fix Ammo disappearing from magazine in certain conditions
  • Fix Issue where you can’t reload guns in raid after taking mag out once
  • Fix audio not working when window unfocused
  • Fix not dying when raid timer was up
  • Fix unlimited use NERDS
  • Fix not being able to grab fenix/players when dead
  • Fix choosing your audio device not actually changing your audio device
  • Fix IoT rock – can see under it and shoot players from there
  • Fix lots of backpack spinning issues
  • Fix allowing crouching while climbing
  • Fix Bolt action safety mechanics
  • Fix boss sks magazine
  • Fix helmet attachment exploits
  • Fix being able to look thru floor while crouched
  • Potential fix for #1 crash for Meta Quest users
  • Fix for Virtual desktop performance issues
  • Fix fire mode rotations on the M4
  • Fix scar magazine
  • Fix Vive Wands Mute Button Not working
  • Fix footsteps not making correct sound on some surfaces
  • Fix AI wallbanging (shooting you through walls)


  • Island of Tabor rework – New grass system, new tree models, extended military base, new lighting, wind effect for foliage, big performance improvements.
  • Purple keycards rooms now require an Orange keycard instead
  • Disabled selling purple key cards. They will be deleted when you try to sell them
  • Removed Founding Founder DLC on Meta platforms (unless you own it)