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PATCH 0.4.3080.13849

Patch 0.4.3080.13849 is now deployed, please consider restarting Steam and/or your Quest after patch is applied. 

Also remember that servers always have a certain amount of down-time during patching, please keep an eye here in the announcement channel for timely updates.


  • Reworked reloading mechanics to be physics based and more realistic. AK mags require you to insert mag at an angle and rock in.
  • Added SG552 (gun) in game
  • Added new anti-cheat prevention measures added
  • Added plastic bottle, canteen and thermos water sources


  • Improved gripping bolts on sniper rifles
  • Improved performance by reducing the costs for trees and breakable glass
  • Improved safehouse items loading
  • Improved trigger responsiveness to open lids on items like cans and jars
  • Improved grenade pin pulling
  • Improved AI behavior
  • Improved water bottles with visible water line
  • Improved favorites list view
  • Optimized small gun components

🛠️ FIXES 🛠️

  • Fixed inconsistencies with AK mag slap
  • Fixed various bugs with helmet attachments such as NVGs
  • Fixed character footsteps sounds not being played at the correct position when using roomscale
  • Fixed NERDS going in knife pouch
  • Fixed backpack physics issues
  • Fixed vector irons not folding down
  • Fixed elevator doors spam grab exploit
  • Fixed (potentially) FOnlineIdentityEOSCore::ConnectLoginStatusChanged crash on Meta Quest2
  • Fixed makerov having mag release button
  • Fixed issue when entering a raid and checking your mag would cause your mag to now be empty (taking out and putting back in)
  • Fixed drawers in the armory stretching things
  • Fixed gunwall visualizer sometimes not showing if it had previously collided with an object
  • Fixed vector buttstock getting eaten up by the gunwall
  • Fixed stamina not regenerating when walkingFixed inconsistent heartbeat sounds when under 25% health
  • Fixed hunger sound playing between the ears instead of belly
  • Fixed ability to claim multiple rations at once
  • Fixed crash when raid time was over
  • Fixed taking damage (death) if you were jumping around 15 seconds after spawning
  • Fixed gun wall issue where pistols would gives an error
  • Fixed ceiling ceiling exploits at the Pier
  • Fixed metal wire fences that were blocking bullets
  • Fixed ladder exploit at the ceiling near elevator door


  • Purple keycards rooms now require an Orange keycard instead
  • Disabled selling purple key cards. They will be deleted when you try to sell them
  • Removed Founding Founder DLC on Meta platforms (unless you own it)

⚠️ Known issues ⚠️

  • Unable to sell new items from the conveyor (new water bottles)