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Patch 0.4.2879.12934

Patch 0.4.2879.12934 is now deployed, please consider restarting Steam and/or your Quest when patch is applied. 

Also remember that servers always have a certain amount of down-time during patching, please keep an eye on our Discord server for timely updates.

Island of Tabor

  • Optimized the white house
  • Optimized collisions for better performance
  • Landscape made easier to navigate in certain areas
  • Added more cover in open areas
  • Improved objects culling distances
  • Optimized materials and textures use for better performance
  • Lootcrates moved to be easier to grab things inside

Bug fixes

  • Fix AI Strafing super fast while shooting at you
  • Fix not being able to hear shots from far distances
  • Fix mag shaking to get ammo count
  • Fix gunwall in other rooms not working correctly
  • Gunwall significant improvements (you can now two-hand weapons or items and they will detect correctly one at a time which one is closest)
  • Fix infinite eating bug
  • Fix rations not showing on kiosk correctly
  • Fix duplication bugs with conveyors
  • Fixes for watch compass highlighting
  • Deleted old backpacks
  • Fixed duplication glitch with the workbench drawers in the safehouse
  • Fixed player offline healing
  • Fixed Loading screens on Oculus Store PC version
  • Fixed OpenXR not loading correctly on Oculus Store PC version
  • Fixed removing silencers in raid
  • Fixed issue with guns falling off holsters and holsters disappearing
  • Fixed silencer collision issues
  • Fixed placing helmet attachments in backpacks
  • Fixed mute mic setting not persisting across sessions
  • Fixed weapons not extracting when placed in geartech weapon holster
  • Fixed grenade pin pull sound not attenuating
  • Fixed backpacks vanishing in certain situations
  • Fixed Scar shrinking weapon attachments
  • Fixed sound inconsistencies when jumping
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with grenade damage model
  • Fixed gripping gunstock on accident when gun is holstered
  • Fixed 556 tracer damage
  • Fixed magazine/gunwall duplication bug


  • Added a heartbeat sound for when player is under 25% HP
  • Fixed on-screen blood effect being too intense when going into raid with slightly lower than 100% health
  • Added haptic and sound feedback when adding or removing loot from backpacks and armor holsters
  • Improved grabbing backpack while armor is equipped
  • Improved handling items in backpack as now you have to grab the backpack by the straps
  • Improved handling items in backpack by preventing the backpack from tipping over when moving loot around
  • Improved adding weapon attachments to weapons Improved mp40 charging when releasing from safety
  • Improved MP5 magazine socket location
  • Improved LODs on weapons, magazines, and attachments
  • Improved looting without grabbing weapon
  • Improved looting without stepping up on desk Improved physics and interaction with armor storage locker
  • Improved door physics
  • Tweaked loot spawn weights
  • Tweaked purple key card room loot weights on island of tabor to be consistent with Silo
  • Reduced stamina reduction when you jump, so you can jump more often
  • Increased stamina regeneration rate


  • Hunger drain increased from .0375/s to .04
  • Fruit cans appear less often