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Patch 0.4.2834.12711 AKA WIPE DAY

Patch 0.4.2834.12711 is now deployed, please consider restarting the Stream client and/or your Quest when patch is applied. Also remember that servers will be down during patching, please keep an eye on our Discord server for timely updates.

Major updates

  • Full wipe of items, progression, reputation, currency. Ie all players will start fresh in the game, but any DLC upgrade purchased will be waiting for you. 
  • Added ability to buy DLCs from the main terminal for Meta Quest / Rift users
  • Quest stand alone optimization changes (majority of these updates were spent on this)
  • New Watch instead of arm tablet (NOTE: Compass is ONLY on Watch while we fix a bug with the HUD compass)
  • Light on watch to tell you if your mic is muted or not. Red for muted and Green for unmuted (mute icon on screen is now gone)

Bug fixes

  • Backpack item replication issues fixed (potentially)
  • Fixed screen effects when going into raid with less than full health
  • Fixed drawers in the safehouse so items in them move with the drawers instead of floating in the air
  • Fix bug where heavily custom guns were not being charged correctly
  • Fix bug where you could load any round into a magazine
  • Fix bug for infinite ammo


  • New Metallic rendering on stand alone; All the weapons and metal parts now have reflections and render rather than be black.
  • New occlusion actors to replace engine native rendering, improving rendering on batch dose for mobile.
  • New instancing tools and replacements for distance models render.
  • Reduced collisions on models.
  • Calibrate the render distances on models and other world elements.
  • Improve foliage rendering on standalone.
  • Better occluding for standalone users
  • Fix some elements for performance on the bunker level.
  • Improved performance in labs building on island
  • Improved objects in labs popping into vision
  • Reworked backpacks  this should fix performance, remove delay when attaching to character, and other various bugs
  • Balanced Specter inventory
  • Weapon physics are more performant
  • Added stoner63 + 150rnd stanag drum magazine
  • Added rails to ASVAL
  • Added gunshot tail sounds when shooting outdoors
  • Added a NERDS port to left arm
  • Added death description for land mine and falling through map deaths
  • Land mine signs are two sided now…bc you all do not learn :kek:
  • Updated the receiving kiosk UI


  • Setup Found in Raid for turn in missions. So, players will have to take items out of raids to be able to turn into a mission
  • Mission Updates for Rewards
  • Updates the Selling percentages and Updates to amount of experience needed for each level for traders
  • Kiosk Emergency Rations
  • Auto Reach changed for a smoother grabbing system
  • Hand mechanics worked on; smoothing features added
  • Bullets now show in chamber when there is a bullet loaded (and persist both in raid and safehouse)


  • The next update should include gunstock calibration, a better gun wall and a lot more.
  • We are also currently working on handtohand combat (punching), better melee knife mechanics.
  • This is a labor of love, we are growing as a company and working as hard as we can to make this game