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Patch 0.4.2686.12120

Patch 0.4.2686.12120 is now deployed, please consider restarting the Stream-client and/or your Quest when patch is applied. 

Bug fixes

  • Added retries for back-end requests (should potentially fix a lot of issues like, things not loading in safehouse, gear not saving, getting stuck in blackscreen going into raid, becoming invisible and invincible on failing to extract, not extracting with loot). You may have to wait 5 seconds before a retry occurs.
  • Fixed hands glitching and positions being off
  • Island of Tabor AI positions changed, fixed boss AI that was bullet sponge
  • Fixed scrolling speed on Quest and made scrolling speed customizable on menu for PC & Quest
  • Reset profile now also deletes save files for missions and safehouse upgrade
  • Fix bug where all boss armor would disappear
  • Fixed silencers in backpacks
  • Attaching or removing a weapon attachment from another player’s gun should not break that attachment slot
  • Fixed guns collisions
  • Fixed issues with helmet attachments being invisible
  • Potential fix for out of body experiences :ghost:
  • Fixed issue where loading into raid wearing a helmet with a integrated helmet attachment would duplicate said attachment
  • Numerous other bug fixes and improvements/balancing
  • Fixed invisible helmet attachments in bunker
  • Fixed invisible collision box in missile silo that was blocking bullets


  • Rebalance some missions that were too difficult
  • New missions added for Sean
  • Thirst/Hunger decrease rate changed from 0.029 to 0.035 (Get your water bottles & – canned foods prepped)
  • Silencer sockets added to AK Alpha & M16
  • M16A2 added
  • Hands no longer lag behind while snap turning
  • Lots of iron sights now have colored dots
  • Improved visibility through iron sights, made grooves larger for better visibility in VR
  • VSS and Asval recoil tweaks
  • AK Alpha added
  • Mp7 drum magazine added
  • Fix reloader loading wrong ammo into birdshot
  • Tweaked grip modifier logic for weapon attachments
  • AK74 recoil tweaked
  • Reloader UI updates
  • Added on screen logging on connection lost during raids and reason for connection lost
  • Improve gun sounds when far away so you can still hear people firing from far
  • Improved helmet interaction


  •  Added OP SKS and SKS drum magazine
  •  Trader item tweaks