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Patch 0.4.2651.11973

Mo weekend, mo fixes! Patch 0.4.2651.11973 is now deployed for your weekend raiding pleasure.

Bug fixes

  • Fix AKM collision issues
  • Fix bug where the AI would put the wrong bullet type into the magazine
  • Fix broken invalid placement highlighting (for save areas) on a bunch of junk items, – NERDS and ammo boxes
  • Fix a bug where contacts on the raid terminal would overflow; there’s a scroll bar now
  • Fix items floating inside save areas when tossed in


  • Improve balance in mission koruna and experience amounts
  • Improve CPU optimization
  • Improve world material performance
  • Improve materials on houses and other marketplace elements
  • Improve texture memory usage for Quest standalone
  • Improve red dots further
  • Improve AK side rail position
  • Improve hand poses on AK and SKS to be less intrusive
  • Improve gunshot sound attenuation
  • Improve error handling in chat service


  • Added stanag drum magazine
  • Added virtual stock (option in settings)
  • Foliage density changes
  • Calibrate cars, barrels, lights, doors, small items, beds, train, rails, better rendering on all those for PC players