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Hotfix notes version

🔥Hotfix notes version🔥

  • Fixed loot XP value being stuck at 120 XP
  • Fixed grenade death not showing the player’s name
  • Fixed controller profiles not loading correctly
  • Fixed mag slapping
  • Fixed suppressors not saving on shelves
  • Fixed vests not saving on shelves
  • Fixed the generator going out of sync when rapidly clicking it
  • Fixed the barrett suppressor preventing it from attaching to the dragunov (cannot work on the dragunov)
  • Fixed the grip threshold not saving
  • Fixed the feet IK trace not hitting some surfaces (legs going through floor)
  • Fixed Fenix weapons sometimes not firing when players grab them
  • Fixed the P90 dealing damage to the owner’s front hand when shooting
  • Fixed height calibration issues
  • Improved silencer twisting with left hand
  • Adjusted the intro music volume