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Ghosts of Tabor – First Patch

We’re honored!

First of all, we could never imagine the amount of support we’ve received since the launch of the Beta for Ghosts of Tabor, we’re so incredibly proud and humbled by the excitement you’ve shown so far for our game. 

Thank you!

We want to emphasize that we’re a fairly small team and are still in Early Access / Beta testing for Ghosts of Tabor. There will be bugs. We have ambitious plans for the future and further development of our game, but are committed to making sure the experience is as smooth as possible and address the most urgent issues over the next few days and weeks. We are constantly monitoring your reports and we are hard at work prioritizing and fixing things as we go. 

In near time we’re specifically looking at the issues reported below:

  • Performance issues on Island of Tabor on Meta Quest and in general areas
  • Hand glitching issues on Meta Quest
  • Connection issues during login
  • Losing items in the game during raids and in safehouse

The latest updates and patch notes can be found below:

  • Fixed crash when extracting or dying
  • Fixed stacking multiple equipables in storage
  • Fixed equipables stretching on death
  • Fixed various issues with doors
  • Fixed weapon attachment duplication bug
  • Fixed items not detecting backpack borders when backpack is in storage
  • Fixed guns vanishing that are holstered to dead players
  • Combined missions and raid terminals
  • NERDS automatically detach after being used, which fixes collision issues with guns
  • Fix main terminal screen having black hard to read text.

Again, we’re super humbled by all of your support so far and are committed to giving you the best survival experience in VR.