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February Content Update – The Collectors Awakening! Patch0.7.0.4678.23330

Welcome to The Collector’s Awakening.

Today we’ve launched a free major update to all players on all platforms.

This update comes shipped with Matka Meist Underground – a brand new huge map. Originally, we planned on this being a part of Matka, but the map was so huge we decided to make it a standalone.

Additionally, a new boss has been added into the pool – The Collector – alongside his new XM250 LMG.

Collector’s Awakening comes packed with new content – boss weapon and armor, flashbangs, bullet visual changes, new spawn points, tonnes of bug fixes – and most importantly, the coffee machine returns.

Jump in now. The Collector awaits.

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  • Added a new map (Matka Miest Underground)
  • Added a new map variant (Matka Miest day)
  • Added new interiors to Matka Miest (Museum and Cathedral)
  • Added a new boss to Matka Miest (the collector)
  • Added a new weapon XM250 (boss drop only)
  • Added new armors (helmet and body armor, boss drop only)
  • BETA Added a reconnection system (when crashing, disconnecting or accidentally leaving the game, the next time you open the game, you will have a chance to reconnect unless you died)
  • Added flashbang grenades
  • Added an option to offset controllers a bit on Quest when using some weapons to prevent drifting when aiming (Janky aim fix option in the settings)
  • BETA Added a Streamer camera for Steam PCVR
  • Added new spawn points on every map
  • Added a timer before extraction points become available
  • Added colored tips for bullets depending on the bullet type (FMJ/tracers/Piercing)
  • Added new visuals to the menu (Menu revamp)
  • Added a coffee machine (functional but no bonus for using it)
  • Added coffee beans to the market (Jiri – bunker resources)
  • Added new IK for arms (they will feel more natural and less clipping through the body)
  • Added a new whiteboard (replacing the old one)
  • Added twisting mechanic on silencers
  • Added back the smoke grenades
  • Added new mechanics to the tutorial area
  • Added the option to change the watch from one arm to the other
  • Added storage shelves in the medical room
  • Added sidechain audio compression (sound improvement)
  • Changed the energy drink texture
  • Refactor of the healing syringe (Need to hold them in to heal, now can heal through bleeding)


  • Changed to color of ammo crafting powder jar to match the tip colors
  • Changed the ammo boxes to match the new tip colors
  • Implemented CPU/GPU boost on Quest
  • Fixed the AK magazines issues where they would fall through the map/make the gun act on its own if the magazine was incorrectly loaded in
  • Fixed an exploit where you would get infinite bullets in magazines
  • Fixed multiple issues with the ammo loader
  • Fixed an issue where Quest players could not enter a raid after taking the headset off
  • Fixed FF AK alpha magazine not storing in backpacks
  • Fixed a crash when putting the headset back on and re-calibrating height
  • Fixed an exploit where you could bring up to 5 grenades in one hand in raid
  • Fixed an exploit where you could sell grenades multiple times by pulling the pin off before selling it
  • Fixed a bug where items may appear floating above the next page in market after pulling them off the wall
  • Improved height calibration to clearly see if you can grab items off the floor or not while calibrating
  • Fixed player items stacking too high when killing them
  • Fixed an exploit where players could stack multiple NVGs in raid Fixed the end screen items count where it would sometimes show the wrong number
  • Fixed an exploit where squadmates could share backpacks to gain XP with what was brought in raid instead of found in raid
  • Fixed MP5 and UMP ejected round location
  • Fixed a few colliders where the players could stick their gun inside and shoot through
  • Fixed the conveyor stealing players loadout if they got too close to it
  • Fixed a few magazines that were not working with hand loading/manually putting bullets in
  • Fixed airdrop not spawning items if not perfectly sitting on the ground
  • Fixed the issue where NPCs dropped guns could take other types of rounds
  • Fixed squads “ready up” function so it is grayed out while queueing for a raid
  • Fixed weight not being properly set when receiving back items from insurance
  • Fixed a crash when abandoning raid on IoT night
  • Fixed a crash after extracting
  • Fixed the water particles going through some objects
  • Fixed Krtek dropping the wrong items sometimes
  • Fixed a mission saying kill 10 Fenix but requiring 15
  • Fixed an issue where mines were not killing players in training
  • Fixed trigger discipline (finger not on trigger if it is not on the controllers trigger)
  • Fixed the “sell all” price being wrong when used with multiple items
  • Fixed mag palming not working with some variants of the same mag (skins)
  • Fixed some typos
  • Optimized saving
  • Optimizing the PSO progress bar on Quest
  • Optimized the gear

🛠️ MAPS 🛠️


  • Added an option to skip chapters
  • Added new tutorials for the new mechanics (silencers and NRS)

Island of Tabor

  • Fixed an issue where the doors would disappear from the side of labs and the player could see inside of labs
  • Smoothed the terrain

Matka Miest

  • Changed the player count from 9 to 12
  • Matka Miest Underground
  • Added the map


  • Fixed walkable surface sounds
  • Fixed an exploit where you could push your head against some corners in Silo to see through the map
  • Fixed invisible colliders

Safe house

  • Optimized safe house storage