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Ghosts of Tabor
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Game Overview

Ghosts of Tabor is the only extraction based VR FPS PVP and PVE survival game
where you will have to use your wits, skills and resources to survive. Inspired by games
such as Escape from Tarkov and DayZ, the game features a variety of scenarios from
scavenging to looting and crafting. You never know who’s around the next corner.
Will you survive long enough to make it out alive? Ghosts of Tabor is developed by a Veteran owned game developer; Combat Waffles Studios, Inc based in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Target platforms include: PC VR, Oculus Quest 2, PICO, and PlayStation VR2.

Core Features

Survive & Stay Alive

Survive & Stay Alive

Survival systems like health/hunger/thirst and needing to eat/heal to stay alive.

Explore, Loot & Shoot

Explore, Loot & Shoot

Large maps that allow for multiplayer exploration, looting, intense shoot-outs, snipers.

Upgrade Your Arsenal

Upgrade Your Arsenal

Trading with vendors AI and P2P to attain better gear, make money, and craft equipment.


In 2042 Slavic militant forces (Volk) staged a coup and gained control of the Russian Capital. Soon, VOLK declared war on all of Europe, and the West, believing Russian citizens were being subjected to experimentation. All countries and governments denied any knowledge of this information. Special Forces, being hired by NATO, were deployed to gather intel on the VOLK and rumored experiments. In their offensive, VOLK forces laid siege to the NATO stronghold of TABOR.

In 2044, a rogue tactical nuke crashed into the small island on the coast of Tabor. The blast decimated much of the island revealing the AdvantEDGE Research Corp’s facility which had been hidden. The mainland was also damaged with pockets of nuclear radiation, mixed with other strange chemicals, promising a gruesome fate to any who enter them. With communications damaged and being trapped inside the fallout zone, the remaining NATO forces were defeated. Intense skirmishes continue as each faction suspects the others of being responsible for the blast. With limited resources, the factions scavenge the countryside for intel and equipment to support a new mission.

Discover the origins of the missile, gain control of the AdvantEDGE facility (believed to contain advanced technology), and escape from Tabor.


The VOLK were birthed out of the belief the Russian government was allowing experiments to be performed on Russian citizens. After overtaking the Russian capital in 2042, VOLK absorbed the special operation units still left standing in the country and began an offensive to save their people. Once full control was gained over Russia, VOLK turned their attention West. Soon, VOLK forces began occupying TABOR following intel suggesting this was ground zero of the experiments. After the blast, VOLK struggles to take control of Tabor due to the GHOSTS and the resistance of the FENIX rebels of TABOR. VOLK believe the GHOSTS are trying to cover up and destroy the evidence connecting the US and Europe to the experiments performed on Russian citizens.


The GHOSTS that remain are leftover Special Forces from around the world; who formed into groups comprising a private military organization hired by what is left of NATO to secure Tabor. This group was established and hired by NATO, in 2042, after Russian militant forces (VOLK) gained control of the Russian Capital. The GHOSTS refuse to surrender TABOR to the militant forces of VOLK. The GHOSTS believe VOLK is a secret branch of the Russian military who’s purpose is to create a larger and more powerful Russia.


FENIX (Playable/NPC characters) The FENIX rebels were formed from the devastation the war had brought to their home of TABOR. They are caught in a bloody conflict they have no part in. Desperate for their home back, they attack anyone who is not a FENIX as they struggle to save their homeland from the nuclear blast.

Volk Ghost Fenix

Game Mechanics

45 min to 1 hour raid timer / 6-20 Players (depending on map size): Can join a match within the first 10 minutes of the match starting up (they connect to a dedicated server)

Co-op: Team up to 3, and spawn in proximity to each other.

Competitive AI: Fenix are present in the match spread out in different areas. While bosses are extremely difficult to kill and have high tier loot. Players can also join as Fenix only when there is 40% or less left of raid timer. Fenix will look different from Volk/Ghosts. Limited to number of Fenix in a map, and players will remove a Fenix AI when they enter a match (take-over their body). Fenix players are allied with Fenix AI unless they kill a Fenix AI (Feature Coming Soon).

Haptics: Integrated for full immersion.

Player Stats: Thirst/Hunger/Health/Weight/Stamina. Stats are persistent throughout sessions, however in Safehouse your stats go up slowly 100% (dependent on your upgrades in safehouse). You can consume food/etc. meds to restore your stats both in safehouse and in a match.

Healing: You can get shot in different body parts, or injure certain limbs and need to heal specifically with certain items. Items can buff you, like syringes. (Feature Coming Soon)

Ghosts Of Tabor Early Access Beta

Launched March 20th on multiple platforms!

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